Fursuit TOS and processes

you wish to order a suit

Order steps

  1. I received a message from you

  2. Info on what you wish to order

  3. Payment if you ordered upfront first payment if go on a plan

  4. If on a payment plan I will wait until 50% of the money is received before starting physical work

  5. Digital design work started such as head base design 3d models and so on, client input is suggested and I recommend once the cad is final alteration will cost a large fee

  6. Parts are 3d printed and fabric is ordered at this point you will only get a part refund

  7. WIP and update until work is done

  8. When item is finished shipping will be calculated and payment requested

  9. When the payment plan is completed Item will be shipped with tracking code

  10. Order complete


Refund comes in two forms part and full

To be eligible for a full refund their needs to be

  • Full loss of item caused by my actions

  • Personal events that effect me

  • Major failure such a unable to be worn due to sizing and can not be modified by a local maker. And caused by my error

  • If unhappy with your item

  • To be able to get a full refund you required to ship the damage item (if there's anything) back for salvage the you are required pay for shipping

  • Shipping will not be refunded

Partial refund is available with up to 75%

  • If you don't ship the item back and wish to keep the damage item

  • If there a moderate flaw that impacts function or looks

  • Major failure that another maker has to fix

No refund for

  • Damages caused by you or people you let interact

  • Errors caused by wrong info in the prep stage

  • Wear and tear

  • Extreme use cases (snowboarding, skydiving, underwater, acts of god, etc)


When you order from me there are two ways to pay upfront and payment plan

Upfront is everything is paid for prior to starting a commission work is done follow my shipping payment. 

payment plan is when  you pay for the work over 12 weeks with a minimum of 25 dollars a week. A fee of 50 dollars will be added but if paid off in less 6 weeks the fee will be waved. Failing to pay over 12 weeks will incur a late fee of 10 dollars a week for 4 weeks. If failed to pay after that you be refunded minus cost of martials and the item will be sold to another person

In the event of a chargeback all work will stop until the chargeback is resolved and your work can continue but you will be permanently barred from buying anything from dallytaur studios again if payment via not resolved your fursuit will be sold to someone else.